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A Few Photos From 2021

––– FRIDAY July 2 –––

Friday night’s dance with David Cane and Breakin’ Chains…
…Brother Man Jam Band…
…and ONE.

––– Saturday July 3 –––

Dennis Knill – Becoming an American National
Kurt Gehlbach and Hadassa – Residents For Sedona: Our Freedom, Our Future
Randy Miller – CSPOA Representative on the 2nd Amendment
The Vendors Had a Good Time, Too!
Senor Bob’s provided free 1/4 lb. Hebrew National Hot Dogs!
Red Rock Posse doing Ol’ West Comedy

––– SUNDAY July 4 –––

Carla Darin – Sunday Morning Service
Michael Macpherson – The Declaration was the Complaint
Michael Macpherson – the Constitution WAS the Compromise
Steven McMillan – Real Law For Real People
Tamara Moore – What is the Birth Certificate, Really?
The Day Before – A Storm Is Coming!

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