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Kinda like “warriors”

Remember the movie Warriors? It started with a meeting where all the gang members took their colors off and met as one where they realized that it was they who owned the streets.

Now, I am antithetic to gang violence, so the metaphor ends there, but the premise is a tool, a lawful tool, to set things right that are systemically wrong. No, the Constitutional system is not broken, but those who wield the power because of the Law of the Land are broken. Like in the movie, We The People hold the true power. One small, weak guy screwed up the whole plan in the movie. We should not let a small minority ruin our plan for self-governance and freedom that was the compromise. The Constitution WAS the compromise, and it is still the Law of the Land.

In order to best congregate CONSTITUTIONALISTS for this convention, I found it necessary to provide a restriction inside the building, and that is that everyone is welcome, even candidates, but displaying political party affiliation is not allowed. This applies to vendors, staff, and guests. Display a T-shirt with Clinton, Trump, Perot, or Lincoln if you like, just no political party names or logos.

Thank you.

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